·      Cal South League Application form completed or in process to become a current Cal South Member

·      Complete Presidio Soccer League Application Online

·      Payment of Presidio Soccer League Application fee

·      All prior Financial Obligation due Presidio Soccer League, Cal South, Referee Associations, Referees or Paid Staff are to be paid in full

·      Current & Completed league VIP Directory submitted online and verified by Presidio Soccer League

·      All League Contacts, Coaches and Team Administrator e-mail addresses and phone numbers are updated and maintained on the U.S. Soccer Connect and Presidio Online systems throughout the season

·      That you understand and are familiar with Presidio Soccer League Bylaws, Rules and Regulations

·      Submit proof of sufficient fields and copies of detailed field permits upon requests that include permitted usage dates and times, field addresses and directions along with field governing entity contact information

·      Use only Referee Associations that have been approved by Presidio Soccer League

·      Submit completed and signed Referee Association Contract or Agreement for upcoming seasonal year along with their contact information

·      New Leagues filing an application for Presidio Soccer League Membership consideration, must submit documentation regarding but not limited to financial viability, minimum number of players/teams, field<BR> availability, current member impact, licensed coaching staff, referee association agreements, executive board and DOC experience


New League Only:


·      Submit organization governance bylaws

·      Submit current financial statement and pro-forma annual cash flow budget

·      Submit a listing of all other leagues within 10 miles, the reason you wish to start a new league, and why you are not seeking membership in a currently existing league

·      Submit resumes on Executive Board Members and Director of Coaching

·      Submit list of committed coaching staff and their USSF coaching license level

·      Submit analysis statement regarding the number of teams, gender and ages of players committed to play in your prospective league, include copies of all player registration forms

Submit analysis statement regarding prospective player’s registration status, i.e... Percentage of your players that were registered last year with Cal South


Each league bears the responsibility of keeping all requirements on file current with Presidio Soccer League.


Presidio Soccer League affiliates under the Rules, Regulations and Safety Policies of Cal South.  By signing this Electronic Licensing Agreement (ELA) you are confirming that you have agreed to abide by the following policies of Cal South:


* Safe Sports Training Policy as required

* Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest (California Assembly Bill 379) Policy

* Youth Abuse Prevention Policy, and

* Good Standing Policy

* Acknowledgement


Complete registration process here:


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Presidio Soccer League

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