Rancho Santa Fe Attack Soccer partners with Q Sciences and soccerloco as League and Attack Summer Classic Tournament Sponsor

Rancho Santa Fe Attack Soccer partners with Q Sciences and soccerloco as League and Attack Summer Classic Tournament Sponsor

San Diego, Ca. -- Rancho Santa Fe Attack Soccer announced the addition of Q Sciences and soccerloco as its newest youth soccer club jersey sponsors. With an impressive track record of entrepreneurial and business success, Q Sciences and soccerloco comes to Rancho Santa Fe Attack Soccer with the goal of extending the reach of entrepreneurship to the soccer community.

"We are excited to continue our association with soccerloco, and to welcome Q Sciences to our RSF Attack Soccer families,” said Marilee Pacelli, Director of League Operations at Rancho Santa Fe Youth Soccer.

"We are delighted to maintain our long-term relationship with RSF Attack Soccer and to introduce Q sciences to this community. RSF Attacks’ commitment to health and community wellness speaks for itself," said John Lococo, Founder, and CEO of soccerloco. "We are also excited to announce Jessica Whittaker as leading up the Q Sciences business unit in this local market. We look forward to supporting the club’s vision of bringing the unique benefits of Q Sciences to this community."

About Q Sciences

Q Sciences is a locally based wellness company, in collaboration with soccerloco, dedicated to its

Customers, Independent Business Owners, and Employees. Built on a foundation of proven science,

Q Sciences' mission is to improve the quality of life through its core line of wellness supplements

and innovative fitness products.

The "Q" in Q Sciences represents the word "Quintessential," meaning the best of the best, the

perfect embodiment of something, including our industry-leading, scientifically researched

products. Because the status quo just won't cut it at Q Sciences, the leadership, culture, and

opportunity match our line of full spectrum health products and nutritional supplements by being

quintessentially better than everyone else in the industry.

More information about the company's cutting-edge products based on the most advanced science

and technology is available:



About soccerloco

Founded in 1997, soccerloco has rapidly grown into the top destination to buy premium soccer

shoes, jerseys, apparel and equipment; both online and in-store. Soccerloco carries all of soccer's

top brands and dominate the competition in offering customers the best variety of hand selected

soccer gear on the market.

More information about soccerloco, please visit: www.soccerloco.com.


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