The Penalty Point system has been developed to help promote "Safe and Fair" soccer on the field.

The point system penalizes players, teams and coaches for not playing in a controlled and safe manner. Points accrue for each infraction received and once reaching predefined levels, result in additional penalties being levied.

Points are tracked game by game and can be reduced when games are completed with no infractions being received.

Point Deductions for Infractions

  • Coaches
    • Caution = 1 Point
    • Send Off = 5 Points
  • Players
    • Caution = 1 Point
    • Send Off = 4 Points

Any 4 Yellow Cards to one player anytime during the season will result in the player sitting out one game as if it were a Red Card. There will be no extra points added.


Earned Points

  • Games with 0 Infractions = 2 Point Credit

Teams should keep their own running totals throughout the year. Penalties will be assessed to teams at the end of the season, which may result in a change in the standings.



Anytime a team reaches any of the point totals listed below during the season, the penalty shall be assessed, regardless of what the season ending total points are.

While Circuit Directors do track team points, teams are expected to and required to self-monitor themselves and follow the suspension rules when reaching the corresponding number of points.

Not following through on suspensions because a Circuit Director did not notify you is not a valid excuse for not following the suspension rules.

No teams shall be penalized twice for the same points.

  • Points
    • 15 Points
      • 2 Point deduction from standings
    • 25 Points
      • Coach will be suspended for 1 game
    • 30 Points
      • Additional 2 Point deduction from standings
    • 35 Points
      • Coach will be suspended for 2 games, plus
      • Coach will be required to attend a referee class
    • 45 Points
      • Additional 2 Point deduction from standings, plus
      • Both Team and Coach will be summoned to a Trial Board Hearing, plus
      • Both Team and Coach will not be accepted into Presidio Soccer League the following year

Teams will not be point penalized twice for the same points:

Example: Team receives 15 penalty points - Team plays 2 games with no cards and earns 4 points - Team drops down to 11 points - Team receives points to bring them back up to 15 points - Penalty will not be assessed a second time - Penalty Point deductions will not be assessed again until the team reaches 30 points


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