Presidio Soccer League & San Diego Developmental Academy Gaming Rules:

  1. RULES OF PLAY: IFAB Laws of the Game will apply as modified by USYSA, Cal South and Presidio Soccer League as described.
  2. REFEREE REGISTRATION AND ID CARDS: To be assigned games in Presidio Soccer League or San Diego Developmental Academy you must be registered for the current year, have a current approved Cal South Referee ID card and completed the Safe Sports Modules. This Cal South ID card must be with you at every game and must be shown to the administrator of both teams when checking in the players.

If the center referee forgets to bring his Cal South Referee ID Card to the game, please follow the Presidio below before the start of the game: One of team’s manager or coach should call either of the individuals below to verify the referee’s status:

• Jack Dobransky – Presidio President at 619-733-8071

If referee cannot be verified, the game should not be played, and the game is rescheduled. Home field advantage is lost, and home team is still responsible to pay the referees if/when the game is rescheduled.

Any referee who forgets his card more than twice shall no longer be assigned games until the referee agrees to bring their Cal South ID card to the game. The teams know the procedure for when a referee does not have their Cal South ID card. If the referee causes a game not to be played due to the referees not having their Cal South ID card at the game, the referee association will be billed the fee to reschedule the game and they will then in turn bill you for collection of the fee.

  1. REFEREE CREW: It is the assignor’s responsibility to properly assign the entire referee crew. Center referee assigned must be qualified to referee the assigned age group. The center referee must be 2 years older than the age of the teams playing unless he or she is 18 or older.
  2. OFFICIAL MATCH/ROSTER GAME REPORT: The home team shall provide the Official Match/Roster Game Report on three-part carbonless paper. The visitor team should bring a copy as well. This document is used to report what occurred in the game. The referee keeps the top copy as their official record and gives one of the other two copies to each team’s administrator. This document MUST be signed before the game by both teams. By signing the teams are verifying that the players are legally registered, and they are ready to play the game. If neither team has a roster Presidio allows the referee to check-in teams by using the Affinity Sports Mobile App. Referees are required to legibly print their name and enter the last four numbers of their USSF ID Number in the section at the bottom of the Presidio/SDDA Official Match/Roster Game Report.
  3. REPORTING SCORES AND CARDS: Presidio Soccer requires the referee to send a pdf copy of the match report to the Presidio Director listed at the bottom of the report. This can be done using a mobile phone scanning app or online scoring module and emailing a copy to the Presidio Director. Each manager or coach from each team must also report the score, any yellow or red cards issued in the game within 24 hours through either using the Affinity Sports Mobile App or the online scoring module on our website. Referee’s report is the final document and once completed locks the scoring module. Comment section can be used to report any issue that occurred during the game lie yellow card, injuries or concussions.

    ALL Send-Offs/Red Cards, CAUTIONS/YELLOW CARDS and/or Concussions must be reported online within 24 hours. A copy of the Official Match/Roster Game Report must be sent to the appropriate Presidio Director using the Affinity Sports Mobile App or by a scanned email.
  4. CHECK-IN PROCESS: Referees shall be dressed in the appropriate uniform with the current or newer year USSF badge, have their Cal South Referee ID Card and be ready to officiate at least (30) thirty minutes prior to the game.
    1. All players must be in their game jersey 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the game. If players are not in game jerseys when you go to check them in, please note that on the roster or online in the Comment Section on which team(s) were not ready to be checked in. Presidio Soccer League will discuss this issue with the club so this doesn’t happen again. Referee has the right to reduce the total game time by the additional time it takes the team to be ready to be checked-in.
    2. Each team is to bring a Presidio/SDDA Official Match/Roster Game Report to each game. If home team does not have theirs then the visiting team can supply. The referee or referee team must show their Cal South Referee ID Cards before the game to each teams’ administrator, which shall be done at their team check-in. Check-in can be done either by using the Official Match/Roster Report or by using the Affinity Sports Mobile App.
    3. Referees must verify that each player on the Presidio/SDDA Official Match/Roster Game Report or on the Digital Player Card application has a valid Cal South Player ID Pass/Card and that:
      1. All player cards have the appropriate club and team number on them,
      2. The coach is affiliated with the club and has a minimum of an “E” License mark with a PI. A manager with a valid “F” license may coach on an emergency basis but only for the team he/she is listed as the manager.
      3. Players jersey numbers and names are listed correctly on the match report,
      4. Players being checked-in must match the pictures on the cards and on the match/roster game report or on the Digital Player Card mobile application,
      5. Handwritten player(s) on the match report are legal as long as they have a proper Cal South Player Card matching the club and team ID number or they are shown to be on the team on the Digital Player Card mobile application.
      6. All Club Pass players shall be printed on the roster, and card must match club, but the team number will be different. Club Pass players cannot be handwritten in.
      7. Referees will check player’s equipment (FIFA Law 4): cleats, shin guards, and other uniform requirements. Illegal equipment equals NO PLAY, SAFETY FIRST. Safety of all players is a vital concern of Presidio Soccer League/San Diego Developmental Academy.
      8. Field and goals shall be safe and is the number one priority. If a field or field equipment is dangerous or unsafe do not play game and report it on the Presidio/SDDA Official Match/Roster Report.
      9. The Referee when completing the Presidio/SDDA Official Match/Roster Game Report will indicate on the roster and online in the scoring comment section any player, coach, manager or spectator(s) that didn’t play or attend a game for any suspension related cards.
      10. Referees will check that each team has a coach in attendance for the entire game with a valid Cal South Coaching Pass. A minimum of an "E" License, marked PI, is mandatory for all competitive coaches. A licensed coach, affiliated with that club, must be present during the entire game. If the coach fails to show or no other licensed coach with the club is available, then the game is terminated and reported on the Presidio/SDDA Official Match/Roster Game Report. If the coach leaves early and does not have a proper replacement, the game shall be terminated. A manager with a valid “F” may coach license on an emergency basis but only for the team he/she is listed as the manager.
      11. Presidio / SDDA recommend using “Club Linesmen” when short referee(s). Club Linemen may only signal when the entire ball crosses the touch line or goal line. They cannot call Offside. Use of any Club linesmen must be written in on the Presidio/SDDA Official Match/Roster Game Report and reported in the comment section when reporting the game online.
      12. Referees agree that by accepting and refereeing any Presidio Soccer League/San Diego Developmental Academy game, that they will follow the leagues rules and when requested, will appear before any Trial Board Hearing. Failure to do so will result in said Referee being relieved of all Presidio Soccer League/San Diego Developmental Academy referee duties until the matter has been resolved.
  5. CLUB PASS PLAYERS: Club Passes are allowed in Presidio and SDDA. Please see the Presidio/SDDA Gaming Rules for more information.
  6. LOAN PLAYERS: No loan Pass players are allowed in Presidio or SDDA.
  7. TEAM AGE GROUPS AND GAME TIMES: Team will follow birth year for age groups:


11 v 11 5 90 5 22 Full


11 v 11 5 90 5 22 Full


11 v 11 5 70 5 22 Full


9 v 9 4 60 5 16 Short


7 v 7 4 50 5 12 Short






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