League Gaming Rules


(1) No Heading of the ball. See 7v7 & 9v9 Modifications

(2) Build-Out Line, Opponents must retreat behind the Build-Out Line, No Goalkeeper Punting or Drop Kicks. Goal Kicks are in play when the ball is played. See 7v7 Modifications

*Halftime will be exactly five (5) minutes. Teams that violate the halftime break are to be reported on the Official Match/Roster Game Report and on the online game scoring system.

Adding time is at the referee’s discretion and is not mandatory. Presidio/SDDA allows for 15 minutes between games, which is ample time to check in the teams for the next game and get a drink. If the halftime limit is not enforced and the referee adds time, then there is time crunch. Presidio/SDDA requires a proper and correct check-in of players. Allow or adjust appropriately, when you add additional time.

  1. FIELDS: Fields shall conform to IFAB (Law 1) and may be adjusted for youth. The home league is responsible for marking and setup of the field. All fields must be properly marked, GOALS MUST be properly anchored down, and have corner flags when available. Under Law 1 – U.S. Soccer does not require mandatory corner flags for youth games, but it is highly recommended. GOALS NOT PROPERLY ANCHORED DOWN equals NO GAME and if they can’t be fixed the home team shall forfeit the game. The suitability of corner flags, goals safely anchored, and playability of the field are the sole and final discretion of the Referee under the Laws of the Game. Be sure to discuss any concerns you may have about the field prior to the start of the game. Report any field concerns to Presidio Soccer League. Once the game begins it will be considered a played game.
  2. SUBSTITUTIONS: Player Substitutions are according to IFAB with the exception that the number of substitutions is unlimited. Substitutions are allowed using the following guidelines:
    1. A player who is being substituted must leave the field by the nearest point on the touchline/goal line (unless the referee indicates the player can leave quickly/immediately at their own halfway line or a different point other than the opponents sideline because of safety, injury, harassment etc.
    2. All substitutions may be made by either team, with the consent of the referee, at any stoppage of play.
    3. When a player injured on the field requires attention, they must be substituted off the field of play, except for the two players of the same team and goalkeeper. Only coach or trainer may attend to injured player unless approved by the referee.
    4. The substitute player shall not enter the field of play until the player substituted has left the field of play or approved by the referee.
    5. Excessive substitutions resulting in delay of game is unsporting and is discouraged. The referee has the power through the laws of the game to manage this type of behavior.
  3. ABANDONNED GAMES: The referee may abandon a match:
    1. If there are an insufficient number of players to meet the requirements of the Law of the competition,
    2. If a team does not appear, or
    3. If the field or any of its equipment do not meet the requirement of the Laws and/or is otherwise unsafe. An abandoned match will be treated as protested games which may be ruled complete, ordered re-played or continued from the point of stoppage.
  4. SUSPENDED GAMES: The referee may suspend a match:
    1. For reasons of safety (bad weather or darkness),
    2. For any serious infringement of the Laws, or
    3. Interference by spectators.

Suspended games before the commencement of the second half will be re-played in their entirety. Suspended games ended during the second half will be considered complete. Only the competition authority Presidio Soccer League, not the referee, has the authority to declare a winner, a forfeit, or a replay of the match in its entirety. The referee must report fully on the events.

Abandoned or suspended games may be ruled a forfeit, when the actions of that team’s players, coaches or spectators is the cause for the abandonment or suspension of the game. All decisions made are at the discretion of the competition authority Presidio Soccer League and considered final.

  1. ADMINISTRATOR RED CARDS/FORFEITS: If there is not a properly licensed coach affiliated with the club present during the entire game, that team will forfeit the game. Any licensed coach from the team’s club may continue the game if that coach has a valid coach’s card with that club. If the coach is sent off and no other coach affiliated with the club is available to continue as coach, the referee will terminate the match.

    A manager with a valid “F” license may coach on an emergency basis but only for the team he/she is listed as the manager. Abandoned or terminated games may be ruled a forfeit, when the actions of that team’s players, coaches or spectators causing the abandonment or termination. Any coach sent off must be out of sight and sound prior to, during and after the game. RED AND YELLOW CARDS will be shown to Players, Coaches, Administrator and Spectators.
  2. SIDELINE BEHAVIOR: Coaches are responsible for their sideline and all actions thereon. Coaches are expected to coach their teams in a positive and respectful manner. Presidio/SDDA Soccer League encourages referees to discipline any coach for irresponsible behavior if the coach, player, parent or spectator uses derogatory words or actions aimed at their players, the opposing team’s players, coach, sideline or any of the referees. We take sideline behavior seriously, and will take actions against players, coaches, spectators, and entire sidelines.

All spectators shall be positioned on the spectator area. It shall be the responsibility of each team to maintain proper spectator conduct. Team officials shall be held primarily accountable for the conduct of the spectators from their respective teams. At no time shall foul or abusive language be permitted. All artificial noise makers such as drums, air horns, drones etc. are not allowed.

Parent/Sideline Ejection Rule 2019: Starting this fall 2019 Season Presidio Soccer League has instituted a Parent/Sideline Ejection Rule, the rule is as written; If a parent is ejected from a game, he or she must leave the field area immediately (be out of sight and sound) and will automatically be suspended for a minimum of 2 additional games.

In addition, the entire sideline will also be suspended for the team’s next game, due to the parent being ejected from the game. The only individuals that are allowed on the sideline other than the team’s players will be the coach and team manager, unless the team manager was the offending party.

If the manager was the offending party the club will appoint another pre-determined administrator or parent to act as the team manager for the game, prior to next game.

  1. ALL REFEREE ASSAULTS: Referee Assaults must be reported online and a written USSF Supplemental Report must be sent to the designated Presidio/SDDA Soccer League Director within 24 hours.

Please refer to the Team Administrator Guide for this information and more.


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