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Tue, July 20th, 2021
7:00 pm


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  June 2021 Agenda


May 2020 Prelim Minutes







    Spring Results    
  top left   top right  
Flight   Champion Finalist
SDDA G2007 Spring Flight 2   Hotspurs USA - G2007 Premier AYSO Matrix Bonita G2007 - Corona
SDDA G2005-06 Spring Combo   SD Real Madrid Elite G2006 (Loya) Hotspurs USA - G2006 Premier
SDDA G2002 Spring Flight 1   SD United G2004 Black SWSC ELITE G02-01 Rachid
Flight   Champion Finalist
SDDA B2010 Spring Gold   Dynamo El Centro Soccer Club - 01 - B2010 Hotspurs USA - B2010 - Premier
SDDA B2009 11s Flight 1   NFFC B2009 RED Atlante SD E Moreno B2009
SDDA B2008 Spring Combo   SWSC - B2008 Black Scripps United - B2008 Red
SDDA B2007 Spring Combo   SD Real Madrid Elite B2007 (Gonzalez) Atlante  SD A Sandoval B-07
SDDA B2006 Spring F1   Atlante SD M Picos B2006 Hotspurs USA - B2006 Premier
SDDA B2005-06 Spring Combo   Chula Vista FC B2006 Atlante SD F Villalba B2006
SDDA B2005 Spring Flight 1   Atlante  SD M Carillo B2005 Cantera FC San Diego White - B2005
SDDA B2004 Spring Flight 1   SD Real Madrid Elite B2004 (Zamora) Attack B04 White
SDDA B2002 Spring Flight 1   SWSC B03 SD Real Madrid Elite B2002 Zamora
Flight   Champion Finalist
G2012 Spring A   SD United G2012 Black ALBION SC San Diego G12 Academy
G2012/13 Spring B   Attack G12 Green CSC G2012 Red  SP
G2011 Spring A   AYSO Matrix Bonita G2011 - Nevarez Matrix G11 NP
G2011 Spring C   Chula Vista FC G2011 CSC G2011 Elite SP
G2010 Spring A   NFFC G2010 RED Cantera FC San Diego - G2010
G2010 Spring C   Matrix G10 TS NFFC G2010 Black
G2009 Spring 11s   Chula Vista FC G2009 SD Real Madrid Elite G2009 (Vidrio)
G2009 Spring C   Hotspurs USA - G2009 Hurricanes G09
G2008 Spring A   Dynamo El Centro Soccer Club - 01 - G2008 Atlante SD J Mata G2008
G2008 Spring B   Atlante SD H Esparza G2008 Matrix G08 EC
G2008 Spring C   AYSO Matrix Chula Vista G2008 - Rios ALBION SC San Diego G08 Academy
G2007 Spring A   CSC G2007 Elite SP Fallbrook Villa FC G2007 Roberto
G2007 Spring B   Matrix G07 NP Matrix G07 LS
G2005-06 Spring A   Barca Academy  - G2006 Femeni Grana AYSO Matrix Bonita G2006 - Pena
G2002 Spring A   Rebels East - G02/03 - North - Oriol Pachuca Girls 2002-Miguel
Flight   Champion Finalist
B2013 Spring 13-14 Combo   Chula Vista FC B2013 SD Real Madrid Elite B2013 Chavez
B2012 Spring A   Tiffiny's Pachuca Boys 2012 - Enrique Imperial Valley United FC - B2012
B2012 Spring B   ELI7E FC Pre Academy- B2012 Coronado FC - B2012W
B2012 Spring C   Fallbrook Villa FC B2012 Nathan NFFC B2012 Red
B2011 Spring A   Imperial Valley United FC B2011 Chula Vista FC B2011
B2011 Spring B1   NFFC B2011 RED Coronado FC - B2011W
B2011 Spring C   San Diego Football Academy - 01 - B2011 Barca Academy  - B2011 Grana
B2010 Spring A   NFFC B2010 Red AYSO Matrix South Bay B2010 - Romo
B2010 Spring B   Barca Academy  - B2010 Grana ALBION SC San Diego B10 Premier
B2010 Spring C   ELI7E FC - B2010 CSC B2010 Premier SP
B2009 Spring A   ELI7E FC  Academy - B2009 Atlante Golden Eagles B2009
B2009 B1 Spring   Matrix B09 ST Matrix B09 TS Villalobos
B2009 B2 Spring   Tiffiny's Pachuca Boys 2009 - Jorge Tiffinys Pachuca (Dortmund)
B2009 C Spring   INTRA FC - B2009 PVSC Black- B2009
B2008  A Spring   Chula Vista FC B2008 Villa Matrix B08 ST Blue
B2008 B Spring   CSC B2008 Elite SP Barca Academy  - B2008 Grana
B2008 C Spring   Hotspurs USA - B2008 White Fallbrook Villa FC B2008 Youki
B2007 Spring A   Barca Academy  - B2007 Grana SD United B2007 Black
B2007 Spring B North   Juventus San D - B2007 Gold Rebels East - B2007 - North - Oriol
B2007 Spring B South   Tffiny's Pachuca 2007 - Gamaliel Atlante  SD J Olivares B2007
B2006 Spring B   ELI7E FC Academy - B2006 Barca Academy  - B2006 Grana
B2004-2005 Spring   Chula Vista FC B2005 ELI7E FC - B2005
B2002 Spring A   Dynamo El Centro Soccer Club 0121 B2002 Rebels East - B04/05 - North - Oriol


  bottom left   bottom right  



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