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Tue, Feb 16th, 2021
7:00 pm
ZOOM Meeting
Del Mar
11915 El Camino Real
San Diego, CA 92130

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Presidents Meeting
To Be Rescheduled

  Pending Meeting Docs to be posted below once available
  Feb 2021 Agenda Pending


Jan 2020 Prelim Minutes


Dicks Team Sports







To our Presidio Member Clubs:

First and foremost, Presidio Soccer League and the San Diego Developmental Academy are alive and well.  Please know that Presidio Soccer League is dedicated to servicing your soccer and gaming needs as our Member Clubs. 

Also know that your Presidio Board members are 100% committed to helping you with your soccer needs.  As your President, I will do everything in my power to be available to answer any questions.  Please feel free to reach out to me at president@presidiosoccer.com or feel free to call me at 619-733-8071.

Later today your Club President’s and DOC’s will be receiving a survey which we ask that they complete and get back to us within 24 hours.

Finally know that Presidio Soccer League will be conducting business as usual as your gaming league.  We are preparing for the Fall 2021 season and depending upon Covid-19 regulations a Spring League (April/May) that will provide flexible scheduling to allow your teams to participate in the Spring League and State Cup. 

Jack Dobransky
Presidio Soccer League
(619) 733-8071

Fall-Spring League Announcement

Presidio Fall Spring League 2020
Starts March 20, 2021
General Information - Updated Fees!

With the Covid-19 restrictions around youth outdoor sports easing, Presidio Soccer League is offering to our member clubs a Fall-Spring League which will use your team’s Fall registrations.  The estimated schedule start date would be March 20, 2021 and go through May 8, 2021.
This Fall-Spring League would be a replacement for the missed 2020 Fall Season, with complete game scheduling and standings.  We will also be flexible around any conflicts with Cal South’s proposed State Cup schedule.  We would expect that this organized Fall Spring League would be of great value to our clubs.  Our goal is to provide 8 to 10 games dependent upon overall participation.

NEW costs to play in Spring….The first 150 teams are FREE (a $150 value).  The next 100 teams are half price (a $75 value), the next 75 teams receive a $50 discountl and all others a $25 discount. 

Referee fees will be split with each team paying one-half the total fees prior to the start of the game. 

Your Teams and rosters listed in the fall season will be used to participate in the Fall-Spring League by each league supplying us with a list of teams that will be participating.  Players can be moved or dropped from the team roster before the first game.

Teams would play using their 2020 age groups and number of players on the field would also be determined by their 2020 age group. Roster size would be according to Cal South guidelines for 2020. High School age teams could be played at 9 v 9 due to conflicts with High School Sports.

Entry deadline is updated to Manday, March 8, 2021.  We know this is a short time (7 days), but we need time to finalize the schedule and to inform referee associations.  Please send us your teams that will playing in the Fall Spring League to board@presidiosoccer.com  We will be flexible with scheduling and thanks for your understanding and quick response.

We understand that field availability may be an issue.  We are working with your fellow member clubs that have field availability to allow you to use their field space to schedule games.  These fields will be made available, and details will be forthcoming.

Games will be scheduled on Sat/Sun or you have the option to play during the week, using the rescheduling system.  Cal South Fall 2020/21 Cards will be required to play, the same cards that will be used for Cal South State Cup.

What we need from you by March 6th:

  • Fields – Do you have fields available to play games? If so, how many?  What size?
  • Could you allow other clubs to schedule games on your fields?  If so, how many fields? What size?
  • How many teams would be playing?  Please send us your teams that will play in the Fall Spring League to board@presidiosoccer.com 
  • We will send out the schedule on March 10th for your review and changes.  We would ask that you concentrate any changes for the first two weekends and get back to us immediately.  Then work on the remainder of the schedule.  
  • Any rescheduling conflicts will need to be resolved by April 2nd. 
  • Proposed start date is Saturday, March 20th.  We are offering a Spring Season with 8 to 10 Games varying by age group.
  • All Presidio rules will be followed including Club Pass. 
  • Yellow and Red Cards will be kept and sit outs will be determined by the Director.
  • Each team will print two Game Rosters (4 total) which will be presented to the Referees prior to game.
  • Each team will pay 1/2 of the Referee Fees prior to start of the game.
  • Play dates timeline: 

March 20-21, March 27-28, No Games Easter Sunday, April 3rd for reschedules, April 10-11, April 17, April 24, May 1, May 8.

April 18th, 25th, May 2nd and May 7th are reserved dates if needed.
Please include the following in a spreadsheet of your teams that will be participating:

  • Club Name,
  • Team Name as in the system, and/or ID number
  • Age group and Gender,
  • Play level requested.

Once we get closer to starting, we will provide Covid-19 Safe Guards.
Thank you,

Your Presidio Soccer League Board

Season Update
Presidio Soccer League and San Diego Developmental Academy

2021-22 Timeline

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Go to our Covid-19 page for links to updates
"click link below"

Presidio Covid-19 Page

Latest Update Below!
Youth Sports News as of 12-14-2020

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Presidio Soccer League General Meeting
February 16th at 7pm - ZOOM Meeting


Password = No password needed

Agenda 2-16-2021

Minutes January 2021

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Handouts / Info Below

General Meeting Agenda (posted day of meeting in left navigation)

Return To Play - Powerpoint

Oregon Health September 15th Update

California Covid color code for Counties as of Sept 29th

Press Release 10-07-2020

Parent Letter

Kids 1st Info
Kids 1st Data
Kids 1st email

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NOTE: Game Start Date is subject to change based upon
restrictions in place around COVID-19 as set by the
State of California and the County of San Diego

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Cal South Coronavirus Page
Return to Play Guidelines

Make sure you have completed ALL Cal South Waiver
before starting any practices

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Future meetings will depend upon Government guidelines in place
Check back here for more information

Here are links to the County's Websites
on Coronavirus

San Diego County
Riverside County
Imperial County

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Attention Clubs! Coronavirus/Covid-19 Outbreak Update.

During this turbulent time of uncertainty, we hope that all your families are staying safe, remaining healthy, and finding ways to still do the things they enjoy, including via social media or video training.

According to our Timeline – There are a few dates coming up soon:

Teams/Players will not be billed from Presidio Soccer League until start date is finalized – Subject to Covid-19 status.

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Check Timeline for important due dates!

Team Seeding 2020 (11/5/2020)

Timeline UNDER CONSTRUCTION and is being updated

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Presidio/SDDA Tiebreakers
  • Winner in Head to Head Competition (With 2 teams tied only)
  • Head to Head Goal Differential (With 2 teams tied only)
  • Goal Differential (With 2 or more Teams Tied)
  • Fewest Goals Allowed (With 2 or more Teams Tied)

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Here's where you find important information for Game Day.
Login & Info Page

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Entering Jersey Numbers

click on the <Login & Info> link
in the yellow "Quick Links" menu

Team Administrator Guide
click here...

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Referee Resource Page!!!!!!

Quick Links Referee Information

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Presidio /SDDA Standings 2019

Presidio and SDDA Gaming Regulations for 2019-2020 Season

(Includes Parent/Sideline Ejection Rule)
See Number 15 Game Rules and Regulations

Presidio Soccer League 10 to 4 Rule

Now posted IFAB Laws of the Game in English and Spanish

See Tab - Laws of the Game

US Soccer Player Development Initiative

Presidio & SDDA -USSF PDI Birth Year Matrix

No Heading for All Small-Side Games!

7 v 7 Standards of Play

9 v 9 Standards of Play

(updated 09/01/2019)

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Directors Circuit Responsibility
Kathy Stanton Rick LaSalle Christine Van Slyke Mabel Martinez
SDDA Boys SDDA Girls

North Circuits
Boys & Girls

South Circuits
Boys & Girls
  AAA Boys & Girls Non-South Circuits
Non-North Circuits

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Circuits of Responsibility for Rescheduling Assistance

Bj Kelly Tim Loughran
SDDA Girls
AAA Boys & Girls
North Circuits Boys & Girls
South Circuits Boys & Girls
Non-South Circuits - Girls Non-North Circuits - Boys

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Presidio Concussion Protocol and Educational Materials

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