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Tue, October 20, 2015
7:00 pm

San Diego Marriott-Del Mar
11966 El Camino Real
San Diego, CA 92130
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Week 5 Top Items/Concerns

  1. OCTOBER-HEAT-FEST Weekend Forecast for Presidio and SDDA Soccer League

HOT weather is back for Oct. 10th and 11th but still within playing guidelines.  All games should be played as scheduled.  As always SAFETY FIRST!. 

The forecast for Saturday in San Diego, East County, South Bay and Beach areas to be in the mid 90's to 100. Sunday will be about 2 to 4 degrees cooler!

The forecast for Saturday in the Temecula Area is mid 90's to 98 and Sunday a will be about 2 to 4 degree cooler.

The forecast for Saturday Imperial Valley and El Centro areas will be 98 to 100 and games should be completed before 2pm, should not exceed safe guidelines.

Turf Fields will be hotter than natural grass. Additional water breaks are suggested as is frequent substitutions. The first two feet from the turf up can be anywhere from 10 to 30 degrees hotter. Use common sense with water and substitutions

  1. Jersey Numbers on Rosters

Make sure your jersey numbers are in the system.  This is required and speeds up player check-in.  If you don't know how to enter the jersey numbers; See page 32 of the Presidio Team Administration Guide under the Resources Tab/Team Administrators above.  If numbers aren't on the roster your team/club could be subject to sanctions.

NOTE: Pictures on rosters are recommended but are not a league requirement.  The advantage of having pictures on the roster is that games can be played if player cards are lost or misplaced.  Uploaded pictures also help resolve any ID questions about players.

  1. Sideline Behavior towards other team's players/parents and referees.

This has become a HUGE problem and MUST Stop! I repeat MUST STOP!

Coaches, YOU are responsible for their entire sideline. Everyone has the following  "JOBS" to do at every game.  No one is perfect all the time, not the coaches, players, referees or upset parents/spectators. 

Coaches are there to coach the players,
Managers are there to assist the coach and players,
Parents are there to watch and enjoy the game and
Referees are there to referee the game.


It is NEVER OK to confront a referee, an opposing player, or parent in a threatning, disrespectful, harsh or angry manner, and this is especially true if they are kids.

We do not tolerate any threatning, disrespectful, harsh or anger towards any young referee, and we will add extra games suspensions if you do this.

 We are taking this very seriously and will suspend anyone reported to us as being threatning, disrespectful, harsh or angry towards a referee of any age, a player, a coach or spectator. Remember this is only a game and not LIFE OR DEATH! 

We have told the referee associations to tell their referees not to tolerate any unacceptable behavior from anyone on the sidelines at the games and to warn them (caution/yellow card) or remove (ejection/red card) them for the good of the game.  Coaches get the caution or ejection for sideline behavior.

We have and will continue to suspended individuals and entire sidelines for multiple games for any questionable sideline behavior. 

  1. Manager's Duties

Before game make sure your roster is complete with jersey numbers. Have cards and roster ready for the referees. Rosters on 3-part carbonless paper Players ready to be checked in 15 minutes prior to game time - Jerseys ON! After game - Immediately go to where referees are to get cards and copy of game sheet.

  1. Coaching Teams

Manager's cannot coach a team unless they have at least a Cal South "F" Coaching License.

  1. Water Breaks = YES!

Water Breaks are allowed.
This allows for both players and referees to hydrate.
Water Breaks are 1 minute in duration.
NO Coaching and Players must stay on field.
See hydration policy on Login & Info page




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Circuits of Responsibility for Rescheduling Assistance

Assistant Director North: All AAA & SDDA Girls Circuits; All North AA-A; AA-B; AA-C; All Girls Non-south circuits Bj Kelly, asstdirectornorth@presidiosoccer.com
Assistant Director South: All SDDA Boys Circuits; All South AA-A; AA-B; AA-C; All Boys Non-North Circuits. Tim Loughran, asstdirectorsouth@presidiosoccer.com



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